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We sell a large selection of Colorado Spruce available ranging from 8-12 feet that you can buy in the ground or wrapped, baskets and loaded. All of our trees have been pruned and leaders have been maintained, grown at 10ft spacing so no overcrowding and have been given lots of space to fill out nicely.

We have B-train trailers we can deliver with if needed that charge out at $150/hour from the time they leave our yard until they return. We get can get 66 spruce in 34inch baskets on a load and 57 spruce in 40inch baskets on a load.

Please contact us for a Quote.

Didsbury Spruce Farms

Hwy 582, Didsbury, AB T0M 0W0
Phone: 1-403-586-8733
Text: 1-403-586-2738