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Didsbury Spruce Farms Harvesting & Planting Guide

We sell Colorado Spruce which we have found to be a very Hardy and low maintenance tree for shelter on the prairies. All of the stock that we sell is grown at our farm in Didsbury Alberta.


  • Holes can be dug with a tapered auger (same taper as the root ball) or with a tree spade. When we transplant we first dig the holes with out tree spade then dig a bit deeper with the auger the holes fit a little better and this loose dirt can be used to backfill around the rootball.
  • Then place the tree in the hole making sure the top of the rootball is at least flush with the surrounding soil. Note that the root system can be damaged if it is not handled with care.
  • Then straighten the tree using your chains on the basket loops. Do not try to straighten with a crow bar or you may damage the root system. Please remember the rootballs are deceivingly heavy.
  • Once the tree is sitting straight in the hole you can cut the top basket loops with a bolt cutter and discard as well as remove the burlap from the top of the rootball.
  • As the rootball is backfilled we like to make a slurry to ensure there are no air pockets by slowly adding water mixed with a water soluble root promoting fertilizer (10-52-10 is a good mix). At this point while the trees are still tied up it is the perfect time to run an irrigation line. There are both buried or above ground options. We highly recommend drip systems!
  • Then unwrap your trees and enjoy your transformed yard.